Top Web Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is one of the top content management system for dynamic web contents. Most of the wordpress blogs are updated frequently, so generally a wordpress blog need much more webspace than any other websites. One of the hectic job for a blogger is finding the best hosting for reasonable price, and there are several hosting providers who provides best service for the users. For a blog with a traffic less than 20,000 per day Linux based shared hosting is the best option, and most of the shared hosting  provides standard c-panel, one of the best control panel. Shared Linux hosting with standard cpanel is most suitable for wordpress powered blogs, and now wordpress hosting is easy and simple, with one click install provided by the hosting companies.
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Hidden Features of Apple Watch

hidden feature of apple watch Apple Watch has been rumoured since the end of 2012. The door for Apple into wearable technology debut last year, by the arrival of Apple Watch. Apple is planning to produce 65 million Watch by the end of 2015, according to the Taiwan’s Economic Daily News. The  Watch is not just a portable screen for […] Continue reading →

Gesture Recognition : The Future Technology from Startups

Gesture Recognition : The Future Technology from Startups Wearable gesture controls are the new digital interface for controlling smart devices, most of the future smart devices can be controlled by these gesture controlled technologies. With a few gestures you can remotely trigger different applications in your smartphone, smartwatch etc, it’s also helpful for visually handicapped to control smart devices. Three ground breaking gesture […] Continue reading →

World’s Largest Data Centers

Data-Center Internet is a big source of information, each day all world’s information’s are added and passed over computers and networks, these data’s are saved in gigantic servers. Have you ever wonder how big these server’s would be? One of the largest server in the world is Fujitsu ETERNUS 8000. To hold these large servers the […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Free Online Storage

cloud Online storage medium is an Internet hosting service, provided to upload user files. It allows uploading and accessing files from any devices connected to Internet, usually these service allows HTTP access, sometimes FTP access. It’s also an easy way to store, share and backup files on your computer. There are file storage and file hosting […] Continue reading →